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Our village hall built in 1934, is in dire need of renovation. Low-budget, flat-roofed extensions were added in the 1990s causing lots of issues now. After community consultations, we secured planning permission to renovate.  

Due to the size of the renovations, we have split the build into phases: 

  • Phase 1 – Remove original single-skin post office extension and rebuild a new insulated toilet block/new lobby in its place. Fully insulate the main hall and add underfloor heating. COMPLETE!

  • Phase 2 – Remove original asbestos roof tiles on the main hall and replace with new slates and membrane. COMPLETE!

  • Phase 3 – Add solar panels and air source heat pumps to feed  the underfloor heating with our own energy generated on site! Add battery storage to manage our consumption throughout the day and night. Full grid protection to offer villagers a warm refuge if the grid goes down. SOLAR & ASHPS COMPLETE!, Fundraising for Battery now

  • Phase 4 –  Replace internal roof beam with new beam to allow stage to be rebuilt in new position with storage below. Repurpose store rooms as temporary backstage rooms until Phase 5. Start rehearsing for the Pantomime!  Grant search underway, quotes under development

  • Phase 5– Remove original single-skin porch and men's toilet extension and rebuild a new insulated backstage/post office/community storage area. Reinstate the main stage in the hall. Replace original roof tiles on the main hall.  Grant search underway, quotes under development

  • Phase 6 – Remove original single-skin kitchen, café and ladies toilet extension and rebuild a new insulated kitchen and separate café area with its own entrance and toilet facilities. The new café can be rented out as a separate, more intimate space for smaller groups 

  • Phase 6 – Add patio doors and full height windows to the rear of the hall leading out onto a new raised patio area to make full use of the previously inaccessible extensive rear garden. This will enable events to be spread out inside and outside allowing social distancing, ventilation and a one-way system, if required. 

  • Phase 7 – Relax with a very large glass of wine on the new patio area and watch the sunset.

With huge amounts of community fundraising, grants from HS2 and Stratford District Council, we have completed the Phase 1 build. A huge thank you goes to Sam White and his team for doing such an amazing job refurbishing the main hall, building a new toilet block and porch. Also, we would like to thank every single person who donated and supported us in any way during this process. It is very much appreciated and we hope you enjoy the new facilities. Lots of new activities and events are now in the planning, make use of the warm, dry, welcoming atmosphere in the main hall.

Our grand plans
Our grand plans
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